Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is Gonna Be the Day

Phew..where has the week went. I really hoped to be able to update this thing more often. I've just not known what to put exactly. Soo, today I blog quickly. Here is my day in a quick little nutshell. I get to help cover the phones in Customer Service today..yay. It's kinda fun to go back to my "ole stomping grounds" haha. It's just a nice change up for the day. I believe I'm going to be done working between 1 & 2 today, due to not being able to get over time and I currently have overtime. Sweet! What a way to end the work week!! Today is actually my brother's girlfriends due date! I had chosen yesterday to be the day that she would go into labor. I just "had a feeling" it would've been yesterday. Nope! I actually had a missed call last night at 8:55 pm from a number that I didn't know AND they had left a voicemail! I almost panicked..thinking that her mom had called me to let me know that she was in labor! I couldn't get to my voicemail fast enough..shoot, I had a hard time remembering my password. YIKES! BUT, it wasn't was a girl I work with telling me she wouldn't be in to work today..hence, why i'm covering phones. Soo! Lets all say a prayer now that Bekka (my brothers sweet girlfriend) goes into labor this weekend. I CAN NOT wait to meet my new neice!!! She is going to be gorgeous..i just know it! Her mommy is adorable and her daddy isn't bad either. he he! 

Well thats about it for now. I have phones to answer starting at 8 am sharp! Soo, maybe Today is Gonna Be the Day...

Monday, August 18, 2008

My First Blog

Yikes! I am actually going to post a "blog". This is just a test to figure this whole blogger thing out. It has confused beyond confusion. I hope to get it figured out SOON and then i'll be a real blogger and not just a 'bloggin stalker"!