Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Ramblings

Hmm, it took me a good 20 seconds to remember how to actually "post" a blog?!?! I was starting to get a little worried...haha! Ahhh, What a nice Thursday morning. I was able to drive my beast..aka my blazer this morning, for the first time alllll week. I have been driving Troys truck all week as well as pretty all LAST week too. :) His truck is 5 years newer than mine and mucho nicer. I compare them like this..his truck is like sitting in first class on a plane and mine isn't even's the luggage area. Yep..that is how I feel when driving it, riding in the luggage area of a plane.  :) are probably asking "Why aren't you driving your beast (aka, blazer) this week or last?"..well, it has been leaking some fluids-antifreeze and whatever else. Being that my truck is 8 almost 9 years old..I wasn't going to drive it and have it break down on me if I didn't have to. FINALLY, Troy ( hubby) took it apart Tuesday night and seen the radiator was cracked AND the battery was dead. Ugh. Apparently i left a light on in my truck and it drained tha battery too. Luckily the battery was getting super old and I was in need of that soon anyway. So the radiator was fixed up yesterday and now she is running like new..umm, well kinda..she'll never be "new" again..but she runs reliably and nice now. :)  I already kinda miss driving troys truck. Its big..its a crew cab diesel Chevy. I feel like i'm on top of the world in that thing! haha! Funny story..when I've driven it to work..a few of the guys from 3rd shift have asked "Is THAT your truck"...I smile and say, YES, it sure is. They then comment.."Wow..nice truck" he he! I LOVE starting my morning that way. get guys in general "checking you out" (umm, really most likely looking at the truck itself) as I drive it anywhere. I guess they normally aren't used to seeing a WOMAN driving that type of truck! he he! Again..what a great self esteem booster. :)

Not much has really been going on lately. This coming weekend is filled with busyness! Friday night is ladies night!! We are going to see a movie and to dinner. I seriously CAN'T wait! It'll be soo much fun and just nice to have girl time.  :)  Saturday we have a wedding to go to. That should be fun..i'm sure there will be some drinking..but i believe it is my turn to be the designated driver. Which is totally fine! I love seeing Troy let loose every now and then. It's such a "rare" thing for him.  :) Sunday we have a family reunion type of deal on my moms side. Not tooo awful excited, but it'll alright, i'm sure of it. I don't think Troy is that awful excited about it..hmm, actually I'm not sure if he even knows?

Sooo, 1 week from yesterday (Wednesday)..Deer Hunting opens! I am excited because Troy is SUPER excited AND that means I will have my evenings FREE for quite some time! You know what that means...ME time AND time to spend with my favorite people. 

Here is just some randoms
-I bought a Dr. Pepper this morning at 7:05 am.'s breakfast
-I just realized I get paid tomorrow. (every 2 weeks stinks)..
-I am totally ready to decorate for Christmas..just not ready for "christmas" per etc. = tight on money..ugh
-I got up 10 minutes early today..but still got to work at the same time...hmm?
-I heard Joan Jett on my way to work the other day..i instinctively turned it up pretty loud and sang along! That was an absolute AWESOME way to start my day! haha..stop lauging at me!

Ok..that is IT for now!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thoughts on a Tuesday has been extremely too long since my last post. Not to much has happened though...other than it seems like lots and lots of babies being born. :) YAY..who doesn't LOVE babies!! speaking of neice, Audri, is doing great. I absolutely love her more than I ever thought possible. My brother, Brett, and his girlfriend, Bekka, brought Audri to my dads house this past Sunday for her visit to "Grandpas" house. My aunt and uncle and cousin were able to come over and see her as well as myself. It was SOO much fun. I pretty hogged her the whole time. Dad held her a few times as did my Aunt..but I held her and played with her the majority of the time. Ooopps!! he he! Here are a few photos from the day..

Here she is with the new Grandpa Kevin

Me "hogging" her. :)

Her gorgeous eyes

Annnnnd last but not new fav of her. Look at those toes! he he! She is just adorable. She did NOT like being uncovered for this photo either. I am pretty sure she expressed that right after this was taken.

So this past weekend was nice. Troy and I cooked yummy pasta Friday night and enjoyed a nice dinner. We then headed over to my moms to play some cards. My mom and step-dad and their 2 best friends have been playing cards every Friday and Saturday for over 15 years..seriously!! They used to play Euchre most of the time, but I don't how to play (Even though I watched for 10+ years and still didn't get it). Now that there are 6 of us, we play Uno, Draw 2, Dice and 25 (its like Skip-Bo). It is soo much fun. They usually go through almost a complete case of beers in a night (that is between 4 of them) and Troy usually takes 4 or so himself. I am 95% of the time the driver for going home, but every now and then Troy and I switch it up. All in all..always a fun time. Saturday was my cleaning day. All my other Saturdays had seemed to get away from me with having Volleyball tournaments or something going on. Soo, my house was in mucho need of cleaning! I worked on cleaning until 3:30 or so. Then took a shower and "got all cleaned up" and met my great friend, Sarah Hite, for supper. We hadn't seen each other in extremely too long and had lots to talk about. We enjoyed Hacienda and then went to Kohls for some shopping and of course to look at their cute baby clothes! (who doesn't look at baby clothes when at Kohls??)   :} I was home about 9:30 that night and Troy was out for the evening at the Frog as his cousin, Joel, had a bachelor party there that night. I was SOOO excited to have the house to myself..i watched a great "chic flick" called 'No Reservations'. Not gonna made me cry..a couple of times. All in all though, I really enjoyed the movie and absolutly enjoyed me time at home! I was in such desperate need of me time. Volleyball has come to an end and it was weird to have all this time..but still really hadn't had a lot of JUST ME time. I spent a lot of that week just getting back into a routine of sorts. I expected to go through some sort of "withdrawl" from volleyball as it seems to be such a habit to go to Monday night league and Thursday night Pond "league". I am soo happy to say..NO withdrawls! yay! \

Well that seems to be plenty for now ... i'll leave you with a super duper cute photo of my nephew, Austin with my doggie, Bailie.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

She is here!

Just a quick H-E-L-L-O! The last post was about my baby niece taking her sweet time coming into this world! Well, she is FINALLY here! As of last week Friday, August 29th 2008..Audrina Lynn Haines was born @ 4:17 a.m. She weighs 6 lbs and 10 ounces. She is 19" long! AND..SUPER DUPER CUTE! She gave us quite a scare to start with, but is 100% fine now! I lover her soooooooooooooooo much! I can't describe it! Here are a few quick pictures. More photos and blogging to come!

Here she is..just a few days after coming home! Aww! Quite the blond hair she is getting! My brother looked just like this when he was born..but a boy! :)

Here is my baby brother holding his baby girl! Soo Sweet! I guess he isn't my "baby" brother anymore..