Friday, May 15, 2009

friday Friday FRIDAY!!

It's FRIDAY!! Normally, Fridays are that big a deal to me. I like my job and sometimes find myself missing it over the weekend (yes, I know this is ODD). BUT...Today I am very happy that it's Friday and that I don't have to work Saturday or Sunday. It has just been one of those crazy work weeks and i'm just ready to sleep in and relax. Ahh! I can't wait.

So, we have my moms dog this weekend as they left at 3 AM today to head to Wisc. to go 'shroomin' a.k.a. Mushroom Hunting. They are pumped about it. Great for them..great for me when they come home with lots!! YAY! Anyway, she has a dog like mine that is just a few years older. My doggie, Bailie, just loves her. She's never been to my house so last night was a bit different for her. She kept looking for my mom and wouldn't lay down in bed with us to sleep. Soo, after 30 minutes of trying to get her to ly down and get Bailie to lay down (he was a bit jealous and wouldn't come near me while in bed) AND a tired husband getting aggravated from the dogs continuously walking around the bed, I finally took her to her kennel and put her in there. I felt awful, but she didn't make a peep, phew!! Soo, 1 night down - only 2 more to go! Wish us luck! :)

Life has been busy. I like busy though. I am ready for a bit of break, not sure when that'll happen though. Troy had surgery on his shoulder in February 17th. He had a S.L.A.P. tear? Basically his shoulder would dis-located for the past 8-9 years easier and easier. He couldn't even take laundry out of the dryer without it almost slipping. Since he works construction and that is slow right now, he decided to have it done. He is STILL off work as the surgeon from South Bend Orthopedics told him it was the 3rd worst he has ever seen. The surgeon was just amazed at how long Troy lived with it. His exact words to me right after surgery were "He is one tough S.O.B." I looked at him and said "Yes he is". Troy is honestly probably one of the strongest guys I know with a superbly high tolerance for pain. He doesn't want attention or to be babied if he has any pain. I am proud of him! Soo, long story short..he is off still for another 4-5 weeks. UGH. Can't wait for a normal paycheck again. :)

Well, whats going on with me. Not much. Working alot (which makes me feel blessed and lucky). I am involved in a "weight loss challenge" at work. Its ok fun. some people are just filled with drama, but when they can't take the heat..they just drop out. YAY..better chances for me then! We started end of March and since then i've been watching what i eat and exercising. As of today, I have lost 12 pounds!! YAY! I am HALF way to my goal. I love it. I feel better and even Troy has commented that he has noticed a difference in how my clothes fit, how i look and that my attitude and motivation are mucho improved. I'm not saying i was *fat* before, just slightly overweight for my age, height and build. I was 25-27 pounds heavier than when we got married. That bugged me!!  Also, It's like having a whole wardrobe!! I can fit into old clothes now! YESS!! 

Well thats it for now. I have lots of work to do! Hope you all have a great weekend!!