Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday "Spooky" Ramblings


It's been incredibly tooooo long since my last post! Just shy of a month, I think? Not too awful much blog worthy "stuff".  I had a hair appt. yesterday and found out that my straightening iron is breaking the hair on the top of my head...thats always pleasant. I knew something wasn't right. I have these little hairs that seem to stick straight up every now and then. Usually i can "tame" them pretty well. I am purchasing a new straightening iron..a REALLY good one. My stylist, Brooke, (who is phenomenal) recommended getting one like she uses. I have actually always wanted a really nice one like hers. So, i'm "eBaying" to find it at a mucho discounted price. YAY for eBay! Seriously..that site has saved me $$. So anyway...i planned on getting some highlights put in again...well, we decided with the hair on top being brittle and kinda breaking easily that highlights would only make it weaker and more brittle. Sooo, we went with an all over color to help condition my hair. I went back to my "natural" color of Brown..not dark dark dark brown..just a medium brown. It's actually pretty cool. Going from almost being blond to being brown is quite the adjustment. I woke up and looked in the mirror this morning and was like WHOA, who is that! haha! So thats my new FALL thing. Darker hair. :)

My grandpa brought me a Halloween goody bag to work today! YESS!! I may be 25 years old..but never too old for grandma and grandpa to bring me candy. He was out delivering to us grandkids today! Soo cute! I was stoked! There are Reese's Cups, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kats and Hershey Bars in the bag! YESSSS!! Every girl loves a little peanut butter and chocolate in her day. 

This past weekend, I went with my mother-in-law to babysit my nephew in Grand Rapids. Soo much fun. My sister-in-law turned 30 Saturday and they were going out to celebrate. So we got to take Austin (who is 14 mths) with us for the day. We went shopping, shopping and more shopping. He did awesome! We were gone for 6 hours and he didn't fuss AT ALL! We went to Chili's for dinner around 7. He was a hoot! He was being flirty with a girl at the table behind us. I hope that when I have a baby, he or she is half as good as him. 

This past Tuesday, I babysat my niece! Just her and me. It was sooooooo  much fun. It was the first time I actually babysat her. She is just adorable. She is 2 months now and a great baby. She only fusses when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper. Otherwise, she is very content. She has started to smile to! I would say "Aunt Brandi loves you SOOOO MUCH" and when I would say SOOO MUCH..she would smile soo big! ;) She knows her Auntie Brandi loves her!  I had her for 3 hours and it was absolutely a fantastic time. I was beaming from ear to ear to spend time with her being just her and me. Troy was hunting..he called and asked how it was going when he was done and just laughed and said that he was glad it was going great and that i was freaking out! haha! I was a bit nervous...being i hadn't watched such a newborn in a long time. But it went great!

Sooo, tomorrow is Halloween! I have my treat bags that i hand out about 90% done. I just need to add a few more pieces of candy and tie them up and i'll be ready. I love handing out candy to the kids. It is soooo much fun! I think my momma is coming over as she doesn't get any trick-or-treaters at her house since she lives in the country. I live in the country, but a sub-division in the country. :) I can't wait to see all the fun customes. HA..last year, this kid comes up and i go "Ohh, you're a Nascar cute!" Umm, Angie (she hung out for halloween with me) says "Bran..he's Ricky Bobby from 'Talledaga Nights'!" OHHHH..I was like..sorry kid. He just smiled and was shy and ran back to his mom! haha! I think we laughed about that all night and I still do to this day. Funny!

Volleyball starts back November 10th! WOO HOO! Too bad I'm outta town that day and will miss our FIRST game.  :( It'll be ok. I know it. It was nice to see some friends this week though. I seen the "volleyball gang" Monday night. I really haven't seen any of my friends for a few weeks. I miss them. I'm feeling a girls night coming soon..very soon!!

Well thats that i've written a heck of a lot more than planned. I tend to "RAMBLE" on easily.  :) Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hump Day Ramblings

So last night Troy and I were watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel. (BTW..the show rocks) and they were goose hunting or something like that..a big swammpy area that they were catching goose, not for "hunting" purposes, but for real use i guess? IT's DIRTY  JOBS..not a hunting show..anyway, I say to him "I should text Tracy (his sister in MI) and tell her that if Ryan (her hubby) wants some tips on duck hunting..they should totally watch Dirty Jobs right now..he looks at me and laughs! haha! I was like.."hahaha, yes, I know I'm a hoot"..HA..nope, that isn't why he was laughing. I thought it was a funny/brilliant idea. He proceeds to tell me that there is a HUGE difference between ducks and geese. Huh?!?! Obviously..they are from the same "family" though. HA..he laughs EVEN HARDER!! haha. Now, i'm starting to feel defensive and start to pull things from you know where. I respond with (ha..i'm soo laughing soo hard right now) "they are just like a Pony is to a horse" HHHAAAA HAAAA! He starts to laugh uncontrollably at this point as I keep a dead serious look on my face! ha. Sooo, long story short. I DO know that a goose and a duck ARE different...but I still think they are INCREDIBLY similar. I hope you all had a good just had to have been there. :)