Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just came across this song and I just liked the sound of her voice and the beat. I haven't even listened to the words yet..just the sound i love! Hope you all enjoy..i'm off to listen to it again to actually "listen" to what she is saying! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

TAG, you're it

So I've known that I've been tagged for almost a week now. I haven't read anyones blogs that have been tagged as they would "skew" me from coming up with my own odd facts about myself and I would most likely just be able to relate to that persons fact about themselves and then steal it for mine..etc etc. Sooo, after i post this...i WILL go and read all the blogs!! YippEE!

Strange Fun Fact #1

-I have an issue with starting laundry in the washer and walking away and not shutting the lid. I come back hours or the next day if i've put it in before bed and the lid is up and the washer is full..but it hasn't "ran". Ugh! Usually Troy is the lucky one to see it. I'll toss some things in and start it up and walk away and an hour or 2 later I hear the washer running and i ask Troy "What are you washing??" he laughs and says "I'm washing the clothes you put in and didn't put the lid down"! Why the heck can't the washer just "wash" with the lid open..geesh!

Strange Fun Fact #2

-I used to wake up and lay in bed and of course...not want to get up. So, I used to count to whatever my age was and THEN get up. Odd eh?!

Strange Fun Fact #3

-This isn't too strange. Procrastinate Procrastinate Procrastinate (As it took me almost a week to post all this)

Strange Fun Fact #4

-I really don't like talking on the all! I'm a girl that hates the phone! My old job was that I answered phones allll the time and dealt with upset people. Man..i'd go home and just not answer the phone. HA

Strange Fun Fact #5

-I love music (thats not the odd part). BUT I most likely couldn't tell you the name of the Artist/Band or what the name of the song is. I could just tell you "this is how it goes" or "it kinda sounds like this". HA! I always have to ask Troy. He is GREAT with knowing the Artist/Band

Strange Fun Fact #6

-I really really like to go shopping by myself. It's not that I don't like people (ha ha). I just like to be able to go and do as I please as fast or slow as I want! I'm soo darn selfish! I don't mind going with someone every now and then..but majority of the time by MYSELF! :)

Strange Fun Fact #7

-That it took me almost a whole week to come up with these. ha ha! I can't just "come up" with things very easily. I know i'm an odd/strange person..this I know but I had no idea what to put on here. So i just was mentally aware of things I've encountered this last week and noted them! haha..yes, I wrote/typed them down so i'd remember! haha

Aaaaaannnnnnnnndddd there you have it!